Condominium Creation & Conversion

Convert or create your condominium with ease

Transferring your property from sole ownership to individual condominium units can be daunting (i.e. transforming your four-unit apartment house into a four-unit condominium). The conversion process requires an initial public offering (IPO) statement, a formulated budget, and a Purchase and Sale Agreement, among other required legal documents. Rather than figuring this all out on your own, let us help you with the conversion process. We are proficient in the rules and regulations governing conversions.

Condo Conversion Attorney

We can help with:

  • Collaborating with developers and/or declarants to create IPO statements and Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Assisting with warranties and declarations
  • Development of site and floor maps
  • Determining the appropriate choice of entity for tax purposes
HOA Covenant Enforcement

Have questions about condominium law? We can help!

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