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Purchasing Their Anger: A Hidden Risk of Buying Development Rights

The other day I received a disturbing letter from “Harry,” a successor declarant who had purchased the rights to fully build out a condominium project from the original declarant, “Sally.”  Harry sent his nastygram to me because I represented the group of unit owners who had purchased their units from Sally, only to find out...

March 11, 2021

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“It is hard to consolidate everything I'd love to say about Lombardi Law Group, LLC! I have had the professional and personal pleasure of working with Frank, Mary Joy and their team for five years. As owner of a property management company, constant legal challenges arise for my clients and it is absolutely necessary to have a firm that has their finger on ever changing condo law. I am so grateful because I feel my success has come from having their support and expertise that benefits both me and my clients.”

Amy Pavia-Zawacki, Seaflower Property Group, LLC

“The timely, efficient and professional work they provide has always satisfied my client needs which reflects well on the company that I own. In other words, they help in keeping me employed and I greatly appreciate everyone who works in the office of the Lombardi Law Group. ”

James Taylor, Taylor-Made Property Management

“Frank has been the attorney for the Scenic View Condominium Association for at least 10 years and is an encyclopedia of information on condominium law in Rhode Island. He has helped us with a variety of matters including Amendments to our By-Laws, insurance laws and claims, financing big projects, and handling foreclosed units. He is always pleasant and professional. He knows his condo law!”

Carol A. Ferreira, Scenic View Condominium Association

“We have been fortunate to have had the counsel of Frank Lombardi for over 15 years. With nearly 500 units in our association we rely on Frank’s wide ranging knowledge and experience in condominium law and best practices to direct Wethersfield Commons in today’s complex situations. With the addition of Mary-Joy Howes to the Lombardi Law Group we feel we are in excellent hands to address the legal needs of our community. ”

Roberta Babigian, Wethersfield Commons Condominium Association

“I have worked with Frank Lombardi and Mary Joy Howes for over ten years. I have always found their professionalism and expertise to be outstanding. I have every faith in their knowledge and integrity. I would, and do, strongly recommend their firm to my clients.”

Carlene DelNero, C.R.S. Management, LLC

“I am proud to say that I was Frank’s first condominium manager client. Over the last thirty years Frank has proven over and over again that he is the one to go to whenever we need advice on condominium matters. We value and rely on his and his staff’s expertise.”

Armeny Apkarian, Armeny, Inc. Property Management

“Self-managing a 120-unit condominium community is no easy task. Looking to update 30 years of condo association documents based on current law, also no easy task. On top of that, trying to find a lawyer competent and specializing in RI condo law, almost impossible.

Lombardi Law Group does all this and more. Their sole focus and purpose is Rhode Island condominium law. Our Executive Board hit the “jack-pot” finding Mary-Joy Howes. She is accessible, intelligent, and competent. Our Executive Board has confidence knowing we are receiving current and accurate legal advice necessary to run a successful condo association community. ”

Rita Finn, Whitehall Farm Condo Association